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  The Raleigh Chopper Owners Club                                                   


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  I have found the best way to send a Raleigh Chopper to the USA, is through UPS. There is a catch though. Your parcel has to be no more than 330cm square. To work this out, you need to measure your package. if your package is .90/.20/1.30 , you take the lowest two figures, add them together, then times your figure by two, then add the length. It must be less than 330 for UPS to take it. If you say the total weight is 25 kgs, then the cost to send your bike to the USA will be 讹5.(New jersey). If you cannot get your package to this side, then they will give you phone numbers to other couriers, and the minimum price will be ᳮ00.

 now This is the secret. you need to take your seat and sissy bar off and stick the seat on the frame between the gears and the cross bar with the high back towards the front. the sissy bar, you need to lay on the top where the seat was. The front wheel, you have to take off and put next to the seat towards the back of the bike. the handle bars your need to take  off and turn then upside down, and place them along the side of the frame. the pedals you will have to remove, and stick them under the seat. all the nuts and bolts, you are left with, place in a bag and stick then under the seat.  Then get some card board and lay that along both sides, and stick on with tape. You will also need some bubble rap to make sure the frame is not damaged.

  this is a picture of a raleigh chopper ready to send to the USA. If you want to send a raleigh chopper to the USA with UPS, then their phone number is  0845 7877877.


  The prices quoted for sending a raleigh chopper to the USA, were correct on 22/11/01.

   Well what can I say. When the above Raleigh Chopper got to the USA, the sissy bar was bent, the frame had a big scratch on it by the CHOPPER decal, the head bolt was missing and the packet had been ripped open. The parcel looked like it had been thrown around like a sack of spuds. 

   This is still the best way I know of sending a Raleigh Chopper to the USA. But if you know of a better way, e-mail me and I will put your idea on this page.


                                                                  Bob's Chopper

This might be a better way to send a Raleigh Chopper. I have filled the box with polystyrene peaces. This Bike is going to Bob in North Yorks from the south of England. This time I have used Parcel Force. They are happy to take a Raleigh Chopper for 㮴5 including ఠinsurance.(15/01/02) You can call them on; 0800 22 44 66.  The only stipulation is the bike must weigh under 10 kgs. When they asked me if it did, I just Said yes. Nobody seems to have checked if it was.  













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