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This is part of the email, emailed to me from Beng Bealey. Can anyone shine any light on these strange bikes? Please email me at this site, if you can.


Whilst on holiday I have managed to locate a limited number of NOS Raleigh Chopper replicas

called CINCOA, which are a good copy of the original Mk 2 made in 1978.  The quality is not as good as the Raleigh's but they are boxed and in excellent condition.  I brought one back with me and assembled it for my collection, but I intend to bring some more back soon. I have attached some photo's for your interest but the assembled bike photo is not back from the developers yet!


Beng Bealey

Got some more pics of the Spanish choppers
Hope you can use them (maybe you have them already?)

All the best Gary




I also have a few of the CINCOA Chopper copies.They are made in Asia not
Spain.I have the sales catalouge which shows the different Raleigh models
they copied Tomahawk Chipper etc.


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