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Raleigh Chopper Owners Club

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                                   This e-mail was sent to us from a Chopper fan in Athens, Greece .

                     (As with all the E-mails sent to us, we do NOT publish the senders e-mail address)


My name is Roberto and I am writing from Athens Greece.

Here is my story:

My first bike was a Chopper and unfortunately it was stolen when I was 13... so
I am emotionally
attached to this bike.

Last week while I was driving in Athens,  I saw  inside a garbage bucket a
Chopper! After a panic
braking and getting into the bucket like a mad man in front of other surprised
drivers I found a beautiful
light blue Chopper.

Searching in the net more info on year of production and colours I did find that
this model is an MK2
produced in February 1979. Now the colour is much closer to the MK1 Horizon Blue
than the MK2 Space Blue,
while the decals, the side of the front tyre, and strips on both fenders are
white! If you like I can send you a photo.

In the colour chart I did not find any MK2 blue with white decals. Is it possible
that Raleigh produced  an
MK2 Horizon Blue with white decals?

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