What do they cost

At the end of 2002, the Space Hoppers on internet auction sites have been selling easily for over 100.  Space Hoppers in very good condition have been selling for as much as 150.  I can still remember the days people were taking them down to the local dump to get rid of them.( Hindsight is a wonderful thing.)  You can still find Space Hoppers for sale on or if you have one for sale, why not sell it on our Message Board. It will be interesting to see what they are selling for in 5 years time. Will 100-150 seem cheap, and should we all be buying them up now? Any comment you have, I will add to this page. Just Email me.


 I have just purchased my first Space Hopper. It is a "Rupert the bear" kids size Space Hopper and the cost from Ebay was 17.00. (The P&P was 5.00 which seems to be the going rate.) It seems to me, the original Space Hoppers are the ones which sell for the most money, and the other types from the 70's are just nice to have.


If you have any badges, stickers, posters, adverts or anything with a Space Hopper on it, can you please email a picture to this site. 




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