The First Space Hoppers, or Jumping Balls as they were known 

Aquilino Cosani was born on April 13, 1924. He was and currently is the co-owner of LEDRAGOMMA of Italy, now called LEDRAPLASTIC, the manufacturers of gymnastic balls since 1963. During the sixties, Aquilino invented a jumping ball called 'PON PON' for use in play and exercise. This ball had a rigid handle for the grip. Cosani redesigned and improved the jumping ball during the eighties. Their new product called HOP, is also a ball with handle, but this time the handle was realized in a softer vinyl material and molded in connection with the ball -- progress from the point of view of the safety of the handle.


The diagram on the right: The US patent for the method of production of the first jumping ball issued to Aquilino Cosani in 1971, an Italian patent was granted in 1968.


Others Names: Hoppity Hop, Hop Ball, Kangaroo Ball Kangaroo Hopper.



If you have any badges, stickers, posters, adverts or anything with a Space Hopper on it, can you please email a picture to this site. 



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