The Raleigh Chopper Owners Club                                                   


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100.00 CASH for the first person who can find a older Raleigh Chopper, than the "oldest one in the world" on WWW.RCOC.CO.UK. This is NOT a dig at anyone, but just to make it worth your while having a look, and make sure this is the oldest one left. ( It's only a bit of fun ) I do not know of an older one, and it does not matter if you can find an older one. This reward is only valid until the 'Billing meet' 2002. Lets make an effort and get rid of any rumours about an older one." Come on have a go, you have nothing to lose". I will put on this site the winner of this challenge. I will also put on any pictures that are put forward, and any good stories about how you have seen an older one, "driving down a street in 1967 by the son of the chap who owns Raleigh etc. Come on lets have a laugh, and the reward will stand.


Below is the Frame Number to the, now "Oldest Raleigh Chopper In The World". Is there an older one? 


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