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The New Raleigh Chopper 2004.....The New Raleigh Chopper 2004.....The New Raleigh Chopper 2004



The Paul and Gary Show 24th February 2004

Our Diary from The Launch Day

Monday night travel to Nottingham book into Hotel and Un-pack 22:00

Tuesday Awoken in our hotel room by the phone ringing at 06:40

The BBC  request our services to talk about Choppers on the various BBC Breakfast shows;

Paul dashes for the bathroom and fills the kettle while I finalise some of the details and schedule the programmes 07:30

Both of us then Discuss the Schedule through the bathroom door while attempting to shower and get dressed!

At 07:45    BBC West Midlands call for the first interview which goes out live - Gary

While I am on the phone BBC Southend call at 07:50 to speak with Paul this is also live radio, this was awkward due to both talking on our mobiles, so I move swiftly into the bathroom and shut the door to stop my interview interfering with Pauls!

At this point my other mobile starts to ring and Poor Sophie (Paul's daughter) is running around the hotel room with it Like a Bomb was about to go off in her hand, trying to pass it to Paul then me in the bathroom! LOL!

I finish my interview and take another call at 08:00 its BBC Suffolk, this interview is for Paul who is just wrapping up his other interview and takes over, this is also Live!

At this point I start to pack up some of my bags and carry them down to the front of the hotel and load them into the car.

Paul continues to take calls at 08:10 with BBC Yorkshire then at 08:20 with BBC Coventry. 

Paul and I then attempted to take our choppers from the Hotel room to the cars and load them up for the trip to Raleigh at Eastwood

While doing this I take another 4 calls from work and other RCOC Members on route to the launch. 

At 08:40 BBC Sussex call for another live interview - Gary

Then at 08:45 BBC Nottingham call for a live interview - Paul

Then its my turn again 08:45 with BBC Leeds - Gary

Then Paul again at 08:47 with BBC Radio Newcastle, all this is going on in the Hotel Car Park now while we sit in our cars with the heaters on trying to defrost the windows!!!

Then at 08:50 Paul speaks with BBC Cambridge 

During this time I am taking calls from ITN Central TV asking if we will be at The launch by 09:00 for more interviews.

At 09:05 we both leave for Eastwood, the traffic is quite busy. I take another 6 calls on route from members asking about the day and members confirming there times of arrival.

We finally arrive at Raleigh - Eastwood at almost 10:00

Paul An I decide to try and find a coffee as both of us still hadn't managed to get one it the hotel before we left!

Check Back Soon for the Next Installment and lots of pictures including TV Coverage


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