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My name is Cthulhufatagn and I am from Singapore.
I also enclose herewith a few Chopper pics for inclusion on the website if
you can find appropriate category for them!

[Pic 1 Baby chopper]  Is a strange child's bicycle I found at the
stairs of my block of flats.  A real dead ringer for our full size version!

[Pic 2] Is a strange unbranded version I found in a worn and
forlorn condition in a block of flats near the Courts of Singapore

[ Pic 3 My new chopper ] Is a NOS Chopper I managed to buy from the same shop
in Singapore where I bought my first one 30 years ago!!  Now that's a
miraculous find, as I returned to the same shop after my dad threw away my
Numero Uno (it was after all a near-wreck after 20 yrs left in the open

[Pic 4, 5 & 6] Old black chopper, Old blue chopper & Old red chopper
These 3 probably qualify for being the most knackered / 'shagged' choppers
(or are they copies?) I can find in Singapore.

Yours faithfully
Cthulhufatagn from Singapore


Many Thanks Cthulhufatagn for all the information and pictures, 

If you find anymore NOS Choppers please let me know ;) Gary :)



Picture 1



Picture 2






Picture 3





Picture 4





Picture 5





Picture 6






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