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1/Dave's six in a row. Part of the Mac Chopper Collection from Scotland.  

2/Dave's  (Mac Chopper) collection. Check out his web site from our LINKS page.

3/A great picture from Catfood Rob. Well known and respected throughout the Chopper world.

4/Close up of three 5 speed boxes from the "RCOC.CO.UK" collection.

5/Mike Hughes (The Chopper Chap) Black prismatic mk2 in superb condition. Find him in our LINKS page. 

6/Mike Hughes ( The Chopper Chap ) Purple mk2 from his collection

7/Mike Hughes ( The Chopper Chap ) red mk2 from his collection

8/MK2'S by the garage from the "RCOC.CO.UK" collection.

9/MK1, 5 Speed, and a MK1, 3+2 tall frame. (Plus some close ups pictures)

10/Raleigh Chopper meeting from Catfood Rob.

11/Pats Latest acquisition!!!! A space blue MK2 with orange decals. 

12/Another view of Pat's MK2 in space blue.

13/Mark Beesley's MK2 chopper in purple.

14/Chopper meeting in the rain from john. 

15/Camping with your Raleigh Choppers.

16/Meeting at Weston Super Mare.  

17/John's purple MK2, in A1 condition.

18/Another great picture from John.

19/John's purple MK2 as seen in pictures 23/24, before it was restored.

20/Another meeting from john.

21/One of my favourite pictures. Police on Choppers. 

22/John's red Chopper, before its full restoration.

23/John's red Chopper fully restored.

24/John, " the man himself ", out at night.

25/MK2  Unrestored  in silver.

26/This is that silver MK2 now restored in fizzy lemon.

27/Another picture of John's restored fizzy lemon MK2.

28/Yes, you got it. Another fizzy lemon MK2.

29/Andrew's Chopper ready for a full restoration. 

30/MK2 Chopper 3 speed, in silver 

31/What a great collection of 5 speeds.

31/Close up of three 5 speed boxes.

32/Sprint GT and Raleigh Chopper MK2 rear wheels.  

40/Sprint GT and some sold bikes.     


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