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 Gary Ledingham's Meeting Page for 2002

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March 31st

There is going to be event at Farmer Giles for Choppers on Sunday 31st March 2002. Yes, Easter Sunday - this is to be a static display and swapmeet under cover. One Chopper entitles one free entry to Farmer Giles (To arrive before 10am). This is a working farm park in Wiltshire, for further details see its web site [ ]

Farmer Giles Farm Park. 

Static Chopper meet on Sunday 31st March 2002, Easter Sunday.

This is to be a static display and swapmeet under cover. This is a working farm park in Wiltshire (Near Swindon, Oxford!).

One Chopper entitles one free entry to the Farmer Giles bash! Please ensure you arrive before 10am.

for further details see its web site [ ],


Pat and Nick Bryne. 

May 5th
SUNDAY 5TH MAY - Ripon Racecourse.
Auto Jumble & Historic Transport Show
Craft & Antique Fair, Chopper Cruise and Fun Fair.

Entry is FREE

Iíve booked a slot for Choppers and other bikes, Everybody welcome.
We have loads of Chopper people living over this side of the hills, so come on lets put faces to the message boards, bring your bikes, spares, wrecks, wives, kids or just come alone, but a least come. There is a section for pedal bikes, so it could be a good place for spares also.

Car passes will be available at the Exhibitors gate, just say your with the Raleigh Choppers stand, we need as many bikes as possible. Email me for more info.
And remember entry is free.

Still wanted - Raleigh Chippy and Chopper SE wreck/basket case. Email me with what you have.



May 6th



Dont forget "COVENT GARDEN" this Bank Holiday Monday
Meet at 10am outside London Transport Museum

Mick Bonnici


MAY 6th

MAY 6th
Gawsworth Hall, Macclesfield.
Yes, that is in the north, but not too far north.
Easy to get to. 
Cute country statelly home, in cute country village... cute country pub, cute village cruise, Cooool classic car show ( lots of race cars )
What more do you need? JUST MAKE SURE YOU ATTEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The damn bikes were built to be ridden, SO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets get the Chopper season off to a good start eh?
May 6th, Gawsworth Hall Macclesfield.
Craft fair for the girlies, Classic Car show for the boysies, plus Chopper pub run, swap meet,and all sorts of cool 70`s stuff.
BE THERE...... You only live once!!!!!! Have fun on a weekend for a change!
Mail me for information. 

Rob   ( Catfood Rob)

The Gawsworth Hall, Macclesfield CHOPPER meet is  on the 6th of May!! Vintage/Classic Cars and the Catfood Circus!!!!

Contact the one and only CATFOOD ROB for full details!


Gawsworth Hall, Macclesfield.
6 May (bank holiday Monday)
mail me for details,.....
Everyone invited.... loads to do and for sale!

Catfood Rob

John L,

Before I get criticized, Iím not competing with Catfood, Iím just offering another event, for those of us that may not be able to get over to Macclesfield on the 6th May.

Auto Jumble & Historic Vehicle Show
Craft & Antique Fair
Chopper Cruise

Ripon Racecourse
Sunday 5th May

Entry is FREE

Iíve booked a slot for Choppers and other bikes, Everybody welcome.
We have loads of Chopper people living over this side of the hills, so come on lets put faces to the message boards, bring your bikes, spares, wrecks, wives, kids or just come along, but a least come.

If required, you can arrive the evening before for Camping or Caravan, if we get enough we may even have a BBQ.

So come one, leave your keyboard at home, and lets do it LIVE.

Iíve got the entry forms, we need as many bikes as possible. Email me if interested.

And remember entry is free.

For those with slightly more northern locals, theres a meeting on Bank holiday Monday at Gawsworth hall, macclesfield. Just turn up for the classic car show...bring your Choppers!!!!

Catfood Rob


June 3rd

Organized by the 'Chopper DADDY' himself Richard Green and with the help of Gary Hughes.

You simply GOTTA make this one!! It's gonna be mad! Loads of people are going to be around London! 
A cruise around the sights of London, some refreshments, Chopper banter etc.. more cruising! 
Don't forget to put on your hooters and buzzers... wanna make lots of noise for the crowds!

Meet at the London Eye concourse York road off Stamford street. There is a car park situated in Chiceley Street. This is near Southwark Street a few minutes from the meeting point location.
Any cool rides welcome..Raleigh's, Schwinn's, Offbrand's etc..

Call Richard Green on: 01992 500889 or email Gary at: to confirm.

Thanks very much
PS: I heard a few people are doing London to Brighton on Raleigh Choppers on the16th June..!



June 15th/16th 

The 'Billing' meet is being held on 15th/16th June (as far as I know).
Billing Aquadrome is near Northampton not far from Milton Keynes, Just off the M1.
There is a website.
Camping is permitted at a cost of around £12 per night.
Entrance on the day is around £7.
If its anything like last year their will be plenty of retail opportunities to purchase various Chopper goodies.
Please contact Paul Frost for more details.

Gary L. (Gazwaz)

Re: Billing
For anyone who can't go camping (because there misses won't let them) There is a hotel on site as well. I'm booked in with family & Vince is, on his own. So there's no excuse. Of course I'd rather be with the Chopper boys (& Girls) but I have to put up with a warm dry Hotel room with room service & mini bar, just to keep my woman happy.
Cocktails & canapťs will be at 8 o'clock black tie & big dresses only;-)


Its also on the same time as the biggest American Car Show in the UK!!!
(Please contact Paul Frost for more details.)

Paul does not have tickets for 'Billing'. Basically you just turn up! Paul has (hopefully!) reserved us a field to pitch our tents and display our wares.
As I have mentioned, you pay about £12 quid to camp over night or £7 for the day. The entrance fee is 'standard' as Billing Aquadrome is a leasure park kind of place with lots to do.
Hope that helps???

PP : Paul Frost!

On the subject of the Billing meeting.... the £12 ( ish) camping fee is PER VEHICLE not per tent or per person... One van with 4 people still pays the same fee... it really is a bargain. Be there .

Catfood Rob

June 19th

Due to the announcement at Raleigh today, ( Friday, 15th March, 2002 ) of the factory closing down after 114 years as bike manufactures, we felt it would be a great time to have a meeting outside the factory as a sign of our support to the people and workers at Nottingham. If you would like to take part at this meet, then please contact me, and I will add you to the list. It will be a great day out. I will contact all the people on the list nearer the time, and we can all decide which day we all want to go. 

        Please contact me at;   or  07831 381626

                                                       CONFIRMED DATE. 

                                     Wednesday 19th June 2002  


June 23rd   

From David Bateman jnr....Motoring Cavelcade, for all transport types on 23rd

of June 2002 at the Scottish Bus Museum. To enter write to G Beattie, "Neiross", Main Street, Crossgates, Fife or phone 01383 512264

July 21st 

 This one is great. Wheels of Yesteryear 20th Annual Rally on the 21st of July 2002 at Dalmeny House South Queensferry  (west of Edinburgh) To enter Write to Douglas Seale,61 Cramond Avenue

Edinburgh EH4 6ND or Phone 0131 312 7514

July 27th / 28th 

 The date for the Wroughton Nostalgia Show (Swindon, Oxford) is 27th and 28th July, 2002.
The show is a great day out for all the family. We (Chopper owners) will have our own stand/area.
Tickets will be available from me (Free!) shortly for those that wish to attend.
Limited places will be available for people to camp over (Free!).
Please contact me for further details.
There ia a website. Search for 'Wroughton science museum'.
Lets get at least 20 bikes on the stand!
We may be taking part in the arena parade!

Dear Chopper Heads,

I have just received the official entry form and the attached poster for Wroughton 2002 Nostalgia Day.

I will pass on more info and tickets to those that are interested.

Once again, please let me know if you wish to attend so I can get an idea of the pitch size and ticket numbers. 


Daren and the 'One Stop Chopper Shop' will be there! 


Gary L.


Activities will now include....

Saturday - Races on the runway, Nostagia Cruise, Arena Parade, 60's/70's Party Night and BAR B Q.

Sunday - Drag and Relay Race on runway, Nostalgia Cruise, Arena Parade and Treasure Hunt!

Prizes given!!!!!

August 4th 


Nr Halifax


In the park, in the centre of Hebdon bridge.

There is a classic car show at the same time.

For details phone; Anthony Curtis 01706 831816


August 17th 

Southend Carnival Cruise 2002 will be held on Saturday 17th August.
Start time is 7.45pm.
Please e-mail me for details and entry onto the mailing list.
Please note. This year you MUST have (working!) lights fitted to your bike.
NO lights, NO ride.
Lets hope the rain takes a holiday this year!

Caravan/Camp Sites
East Beach Shoeburyness.... 01702 292466
Riverside Village Holiday Park Wallasea Island..... 01702 258297 and 258555 
Please e-mail me for further details.
Please note. This year you MUST have (working!) lights fitted to your bike.
NO lights, NO ride.

Please pass these dates on to anyone I have missed and as many Notice Boards as you can.

Please note:

If you cannot attend or you wish to be removed from this mailing list please let me know.




Sept 1st The Meeting is on Sunday September 1st from 2-5pm.
In the Phoenix Park, Dublin.
We are meeting at 2.30 at the Papal Cross.

All Chopper owners are welcome to join us, there will be a 5km course and weather permitting we will have a chopper meet afterwards.

anyone fancy a day trip to London and have a ride round on or as near to the golden jubilee, perhaps we could do it for charity
last year Covent garden was a small turn out but what a buzz you got riding round London, like Soho, Covent garden, Carnaby street, pall mall etc
if you are up for it around 3rd/ 4th June contact me



20th December  



Around London town, December 20th Evening.

Cruise around the capitals finest sites, past all the Christmas lights and busy shoppers, Chopper chat, swap and trade parts.

Bikes tinseled up to the max please, and make sure you got your Evereadys ON!!

Meet at 7-8pm up town, tag along as we cruise by your arrival point. Email for details.

ANY COOL RIDES WELCOME... Choppers, Schwinns, Grifter, Buners, Customs!!


Raleigh Barry and Bob the Chop































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