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Jim's Own Museum in the USA

The New England Muscle Bicycle Museum, Ct. USA 

HI Mark,
   Here are the first pics of the museum I own. I hope to have many visits from interested bike fans including us chopper guys. I have a chopper timeline planned where at one end is a Moulton to RSW to Fireball to early tall frame  and ending with a black prissy. It is slow going and will be fine tuned for a year or more, but is ready for interested visitors any time. We are 100 miles north of NYC.
   At this time I have 93 bikes C7 and up, a sturmey hub display, 2 display cases with neat bike trinkets there. I am adding a shag rug or two with some mod furniture and electronics.
   All are welcome and need only to call me at 860 651 5229 to have a guided tour at no charge. The location need not be made public for obvious reasons.
   I will soon have a virtual museum on the web. I will provide links when I can.
   The hobby moves forward!


(Please allow 20 seconds to download 7 pictures)



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