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Exclusive;  from Gary Hughes. Read his email, and see the first released picture of his MK2

                     Fizzy lemon. This superb example will be at "Billing" this year.


I have sent you the first picture of my complete MK2 Fizzy. This bike has been built from an old frame and parts from all over the world (no donor bike).


I started collecting parts (all NEW) back in November 2001 and have just completed the bike. You are the first to see the bike in all its glory!!!!!!!


I have full documented history of the build process captured on film. All the bits have been picture before and after the (grand opening of the bag ceremony took place) One or two parts have been triple plated rechromed as they were not available.

The Chroming company I use seems to be missing from your site, and I feel they are the best chromer in the business. Although expensive I'm sure when you see the handle bars on my bike (at Billing) you will agree.

And when you know they will turn out items for a chopper (If I ask them) in one working week!!!! (deliver Monday collect Friday) its astounding!



100's Of Harley Davidson owners cant be wrong.


Hopefully I can send you some more pics in the next few days, Some on the close-up pictures I have are fantastic.


Cheers for now


Gary Hughes



Hi Mark,

Id like you (if you'd be so kind) to add a big thank-you to Mike Hughes (the chopper chap) for all his help and excellent stickers which I have used on the Fizzy chopper.

Cheers for now
Gary     -\_ ,\
                O/ 'o


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