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                How can I read my frame number?

What does your frame number mean?  How can I tell the age of my Raleigh Chopper? These are the questions I get asked over and over again. Well hopefully this will help.

Lets take a frame number from a Raleigh Chopper and brake it down. NK6006588

N =                Nottingham

K =                July

6 =                 1976     

006588 =      Frame Number


So what we have is, a Raleigh Chopper which was made in Nottingham, in July 1976, and the frame is number 006588.


 The date works on the following codes;   A= Jan, B= Feb, D= Mar, E=Apr, G= May, H= June, k=July, l= Aug, M=Sep, N= Oct, P=Nov, S=Dec.



So just to recap, the first letter on the frame number is where the frame was made, the second is the month the frame was made, and the third is the year the frame was made. The last remaining numbers are the frame number. You can also check the date your bike was made, by the rear hub. You will see the date clearly stamped on it. It will only say, 73  not 1973. Also under the seat base is a date, actually inside the seat base. you will only find that if you are restoring the seat.


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