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From Dale in the USA.

( Dale has the CHOPPER CITY USA website, which has now just gone over 100,000 HITS )

Greetings, Mark!


Nice to hear from you, ol' boy!  I'm doing just fine, thanks.  Been quite busy with work lately and haven't had much time to muck about with my websites.  They're just a spare time/fun thing anyway.


Your website is lookin' positively rockin' man!  Great stuff!  I'm completely in your proverbial shadow.  You're doing a fine job of making a great name for that wonderful old bike known as the Raleigh Chopper... and for this I thank you. :)


 I didn't even notice that my hits were over 100k!  Too funny!  I guess I don't really pay as close of attention as I should.  I thought it was around 75k.


Attached for your viewing enjoyment are a few pictures.  One is of my totally original (right down to the tires!) 1970 Mk1 10speed I picked up from a friend.  This bike rides like a dream. (even on the old, dried out redline slick!)  The next is of my 70 year old mother on my only British version Chopper... my prismatic `78 Mk2.  I also have a short movie clip of her riding it up and down my street if you like?  Well, here's the pic for now.  The next shot is of me and a co-worker shortly after receiving the prismatic frame from my mate Niven Ladd.  Next is a shot of my 100% original 1972 Mk1 5spd in metallic blue.  Next is a shot of my 100% original black Mk1 HBR 3+2=5spd sitting in front of my old Dodge Challenger.  You like Sting-Rays?... well so do girls!  Check out this cool Campus Green coaster brake Sting-Ray that someone sent me a while back.  The rider is most interesting.  And lastly, a pic of the corner in my basement where I work on my bikes after the kids are in bed.


Take care and stay in touch!

Dale O. Cramer
(Please allow 20 seconds to download 7 pictures)


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