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  US models, description and retail price in 1970

1. 10 speed derailleur (1970-71)

     DL560 top of the range chopper with twin shift split t-bar control and high       back rest. available in orange (1970) and pumpkin (1971). price $91.95


2. 5 speed derailleur (1970-71)

    DL550 with t-bar shift and high back rest. available in green, black, yellow, orange (1970) and apple green, pumpkin, black and blue (1971). price $86.95


3. 3 speed coaster boys (1969-71)

    DL520 3 speed coaster hub. AW 1969 available in yellow, orange, red, black, blue. TCW 1970 Available in green, orange and blue. SCZ1971 available in apple green and pumpkin. price$84.95


4. 3 speed coaster girls (1970-71)

    DL520L 3 speed coaster hub with stem shift. available in orange (1970) white and blue(1971). price $84.95


5. 3 speed boys (1969-72)

    DL510.available in yellow, orange, red, black and blue (1969) orange, black, yellow and red (1970) apple green and blue (1971-2). price $79.95


6. 3 speed girls (1970-71)

     DL510L with stem shift. available in blue and yellow (1970) and blue and white (1971). Price$79.95


7. CST single speed coaster boys (1970-71)

    DL500. rear coaster brake. available in yellow, red and green (1969) orange (1970) pumpkin (1971). Price $69.95


8. CST single speed coaster girls (1970-71)

    DL500L. rear coaster brake. available in blue. price $69.95


9. "3+2" 5 speed (1969)

    DL530. 5 speed hub with enclosed gears. available in yellow, orange, green and black. price $84.95


10. AW 3 Speed mk2 boys (late 1972-74)

      DL510. available in hot red, ultra violet, black, silver, yellow and infra red.


11.  "MK 2, 3+2 dyno hub bike"

        Available In MK1 Colours, yellow or hot red. There is a unique MK2, 3+2

        shifter on this bike, and only this bike.  



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