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Is this the oldest Raleigh Chopper Sprint GT in the world???


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The Story so far


Hi Mark
 The sprint is very strange for
several reasons and I would be interested to hear what you and the other
members think of it. A bit of history is that it has a mk 1 chainguard, has
no stickers and appears to never have had any stickers apart from a rather
odd sprint 1970 / 1971 detail on the seat post. The frame number is not
present on the rear dropout nor the seat tube but under the BB there are some
strange numbers that might mean something. Finally to cause another headache
the rear hub is a smooth mk 1 style one but the date stamping is so faint it
is impossible to distinguish any numbers at all. It is in original paint and
I removed the BB to check for over spray or whatever and found nothing
although the colour seems to be a slightly darker green than the other
sprints I have seen. 
To add credibility to your oldest chopper story the lad I bought the bike
off lived in Nottingham and his father worked for Raleigh. He told me he won
the sprint in a colouring competition for Raleigh employees children and he
owned the bike before the sprint became available in the shops. He recalls
having to answer questions about the bike from someone at Raleigh after he'd
owned it for a month or so. Unfortunately his father is now dead and so I
couldn't pursue any more about this story but I would like to think that the
bike maybe a pre production model but due to the points listed above it is
difficult to authenticate anything. Could it be the "earliest known sprint"?


This bike is Dated 08/11/71. 

Do you have an older one???

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