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Can you HELP!!!!

     I've been looking through most of the websites regarding Choppers and am slightly confused. The bike I have appears to have a '70 frame (I think) but the rear hub clearly says '69 on it. I haven't seen a chain guard like mine anywhere on line. What's with the roman numeral 3 after the name "Chopper"? The flared cross decals appear to be original.
     There are some minor scratches on the paint and decals. The rear "Chopper" label is almost non-existent and the kickstand is missing. The bike is in such good shape because the first owner had it packed it away in his basement since the early 70's. Even the brake pads are barely worn. Oh, I do have the original tire. Most of the red line is worn off of it and all of the bike's chrome is almost spotless.
    And yes although I'm 40, I do take it for a spin.  
                                                                            Thanks, Doug (Chopper III)
P.S.   The serial number is 0682634. Here are a few pictures. I have more.

Lets have your opinion , please email me here at the site, and I will add all your emails to this page.


Subj: The "Can you HELP!!!!" article 
Date: 11/08/02 19:47:16 GMT Daylight Time
From: ronaldwhitmill@hotmail.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)
Hi Mark,
            Have just seen the MET purple MK1 Chopper in the news section.
By the looks of it, the Roman numerals are a later addition, as is the German iron Cross on the Front Mudguard.
From looking at the chainguard, it looks like it has been personalised/customized, but, admitedly, i prefer it to the normal Raleigh transfer. The twin flags with the "F", are a trade mark sign of the "Firestone" Company.
There is just one thing that is bothering me however,  i know from experience, that some Germans were/are proud to display the Iron cross,
On the other hand, the Iron  cross and/or swastika are/were popular with Neo Nazi's.
Apart from these minor changes, it all seems to appear original.

Best wishes and Happy Choppering


Yours Faithfully



Ron Whitmill


R.C.O.C  Representative of North London Area

Subj: re: The Chopper III 
Date: 11/08/02 20:21:37 GMT Daylight Time
From: bt014c4869@blueyonder.co.uk
Sent from the Internet (Details)

From past experiences with over seas Chopper fanatics and watching what goes by on ebay I can only assume that this chopper is not a Raleigh. That is to say that it is a Raleigh but under a different name. The graphics on the chainguard looks very much like the "Firestone" logo, tires etc. But I have a feeling this could be something like rolex replica watches a Fireball Chopper. In places like Australia Raleigh bikes were sold under more commonly known brands like Fireball and Malvern Star. The reason for this was because in certain areas Raleigh was not a well known brand. The same happened over here in the UK when Raleigh marketed the Chopper Sprint as a Rudge Sprint for a while. Assuming that people would recognise Rudge as fine builders of racing bikes ??!! We need to see the headbadge to find out if it is a proper Raleigh (although the heron chainring goes a long way to confirm it is).
I dunno. Maybe those decals were a period addition to stand out from your mates. But with a HBR MK1 in magenta you really fake rolex didn't have to much more to stand out from the others would you??
Ben (raleighchopper.co.uk)

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  08/11/02 09:33:23 AM  
What is your name?   steve
Do you have any comments?   anyone looked at that mk1 on the news part of this site. the f on the c/guard is a firestone tyre sticker and the cross on the front m/guard is a german iron cross sticker, both probably non gen. what do u think....steve.


  08/11/02 12:29:20 PM  
What is your name?   Alex
Do you have any comments?   I agree Steve,aftermarket firestone stick-on with maltese cross decal,but its survived very well and if thats its original paint then its quite a rare colour.Difficult to date it as i thought the 69's had no seat/sissy springs.It cant be any later than 70 as it has the upside down cleat/cable holder under the seat.Its possible that Raleigh put an earler hub on it just to get it onto the shop floor.I'm going for early 1970. Any advances on that.


  08/11/02 01:07:42 PM  
What is your name?   Alex
Do you have any comments?   Just looked at the ser no on one of my Mk1's which i know is a 70 and the ser no starts with 07,so as that MK1 of Dougs has 06 then this could indicate that its a 69,who knows! I'm lost,dating Mk1's is a black area! Call Niven he'd probably know.


  08/12/02 06:16:59 AM  
What is your name?   kaiser b
Do you have any comments?   that is the tyre i need!!!!!!!
on the iron cross mark one!!!!.....i'm loving those decals as well!

Toten Kopf Tyre Enthusiasts...............I swear its in the post Mark!


  08/12/02 06:44:35 PM  
What is your name?   Doug (purple chopper)
Do you have any comments?   Thanks for the help. I didn't recognize the Firestone emblem, but I agree. I think the decals are original because there are four on the bike and the sizes and placement of them seem to be too organized for aftermarket. There is a Raleigh symbol on the front, my pic was bad so I didn't include it. I'll take another. There seemed to be a lot of excited response to the pictures. How rare is it?
Should I be glad it's purple?


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