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                                           What are you all doing at Billing?

                                                     15th-16th June 2002

    Great meeting. Over 200 bikes. Lets make next year even BIGGER! (2003)

This page is for information purposes only, and NO credit is due to RCOC.CO.UK as this meeting has been going for years before RCOC.CO.UK was launched. Credit it due to many people including Paul Frost, gary.ledingham@harada.co.uk and  ian@buickriviera.co.uk


 This is a popular meet, and probably the biggest Chopper meet this year.   So what are we all doing is the question?  Lets make this a good year at Billing.

1/ If you are staying in a hotel and you want other Chopper fans there, then please email this site the address of the hotel.

2/ Are you camping? Let us know where.

3/ Are you just coming on Saturday?

4/ Are you just coming on Sunday?

5/ Are you  5-11" with a figure  38,24,32  blond hair, not very bright, playboy model, drink beer, good cook, enjoy ironing, lottery winner and just left your husband because he does not perform, and staying all weekend at Billing on your own, then please contact this site ASAP.


    If there is any other questions you might have, please email me and I will add your question to this list.

                   This is what is happening at Billing

Hello Mark
There is a Premier Lodge at the entrance to Billing. Billing also has a permanent fairground playing lst of 70's music. I think we should all hit the fair Sat pm in 70's gear. 
Keep up the good work
Looking forward to seeing you at Billing
Camping is available on the chopper (SWAN) field inside the aquadrome.

Hello Mark
Last year Catfood and tall Martin camped as did Gary L and his missus. Manick and Ben Tranmer had camper vans, as did Des from Sellindge.
Not sure who is doing what this year.


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