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      Billing 2011!      

BILLING 2011 Is GO the date is 3rd - 5th June 2011

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The Biggest Chopper Event in the world

This Event is held every year

 All the details can be found by > Clicking Here <

For Billing Pictures and Video's from other years 

>> Click Here <<


     >>>>Click here for more pictures<<<<       

   Billing Is always held the first weekend in June all the details can be found at:-





This web site is the Official Raleigh chopper Owners club Web site.

Run and operated by real enthusiasts

This site is recognized By Raleigh UK

   'Brooklands Museum Meeting' 




Raleigh Chopper 2004.............Raleigh Chopper 2004...........Raleigh Chopper 2004..........

  Celebrates its 2nd Year Birthday  

   with the Launch of the New Raleigh Chopper!



Official Raleigh Chopper Owners Club MK3 T- Shirts Now In Stock

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Official Raleigh Chopper Owners Club MK2 T- Shirts 

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This site is full of Bikes for sale, Parts for sale, Message boards, Meetings, Pictures, information, Restorations and all the latest news in the Raleigh Chopper world. Everyone is welcome to use the message boards. 

Please click on the links below. 

(The website address for this site is;  WWW.RCOC.CO.UK )


Ride Low, The No.1 UK Shop for Low Rider Bikes and Accessories




(Raleigh Chopper)  THE WEB'S FAVOURITE 1970'S ICON'S   (www.RCOC.co.uk)



Raleigh Chopper Marketplace

Established Jan, 1998

Established in 1998, this is now the most popular message board in the Chopper world. You do not have to be a member to use this message board.

The Space Hopper

Established Dec, 2002

Established in 2002, This website is dedicated to the 70's icon The Space Hopper. this is the first "none Raleigh Chopper" website to join the Raleigh Chopper Owners Club.

Raleigh Chopper Owners Club

Established Jan, 2002

We now have over 950 pages, full of pictures information and stories. Our online shop and bikes for sale section is now open. Plus, all the latest meetings etc.  

Owners Club Message Board

Established March, 2002 

Another message board for Raleigh Chopper fans. you DO NOT have to be a member to use this message board. This is a great place to advertise parts you want.


Chopper Trader

Established June, 2002  

This is a great site for buying parts and bikes online. It has the largest amount of NOS parts for Raleigh Choppers, for sale in the world.


Established Dec, 2002

Custom Bikes and Parts for sale, direct from the USA to you. This website consists of ALL the Lowrider custom bikes now available in the UK.

Owners Club Chat Room

Established Sept, 2002

The Raleigh Chopper Owners Club Chat Room is for everyone interested in Raleigh Choppers. Please feel free to use it.


Established 1995

This is where most Chopper/Space hopper fans buy there first 70's 

icon. It is the worlds online biggest auction.



Custom Cycles Chopper Board

Another fantastic Chopper forum 

for chopperists to chat and meet.

Garelli Tiger Cross 
For some this has fond memories like the Chopper being the first real motorcycle (Moped) and Freedom!

Swing Bikes 

For all you swingers check out the swingbike site and message board here.


Get Your Chopper Out
For all Events, Meetings and Cruises Visit this site for up to the minute information.


Raleigh Chopper Owners Club  


John & Gary 

Presenting a Plaque to Raleigh's MD Mark Gouldthorpe 

to Commemorate the Launch of the MK3 Chopper

Jan 29th 2004








Raleigh Chopper Owners Club Representatives 



If you need any information about Raleigh Choppers,

please EMAIL any of our club representatives below.


RCOC Club Representatives.

If you would like to be a Raleigh Chopper Owners Club representative, and you live in an area which has NOT been taken, then please email me at the club 







   Cthulhu fatagn cthulhufatagn@hotmail.com R.C.O.C Representative of SINGAPORE Area 






   David Wong davidwong18@hotmail.com R.C.O.C Representative of Malaysia Area 


U S A 

Preston Odom Blak_Nailz@hotmail.com R.C.O.C Representative of Vero Beach Florida. USA Area 

RCOC Club Representatives.

If you would like to be a Raleigh Chopper Owners Club representative, and you live in an area which has NOT been taken, then please email me at the club on




John Gray  John R.C.O.C Representative of Dunedin Area of New Zealand.


Chris Bentley  dragsterbikes@optusnet.com.au 

R.C.O.C Representative of Australia


Rob "Cat food Rob" CatfoodRob@CatfoodCircus R.C.O.C Representative of North West Area

John Lees, Gail Lees, Deputy John.gaillees@ntlworld.com R.C.O.C Representative of North Yorks Area

Gary Hughes Gary@swingbike.co.uk R.C.O.C Representative of South East Area

Tony Fisher dinofisher1@aol.com R.C.O.C Representative of East Yorkshire Area

John Davies joda_2k@yahoo.co.uk R.C.O.C Representative of East Scotland Area

Eddie Pratt richard@pratt.free-online.co.uk R.C.O.C Representative of Oxford Area

Martyn Green mr.greeno@virgin.net R.C.O.C Representative of South London/Kent Area

Paul sleuth@tiscali.co.uk R.C.O.C Representative of East Anglia Area

David Bateman db011c8403@blueyonder.co.uk R.C.O.C Representative of Central Scotland Area

Paul Lynch Pal0001@aol.com R.C.O.C Representative of North West London/Hertfordshire  

Ron Whitmill ronaldwhitmill@hotmail.com R.C.O.C Representative of North London Area

Phil Wray phil@harwoodcycles.com R.C.O.C Representative of Buckingham Area

  Paul C PC@hotmail.com R.C.O.C Representative of Essex Area

  Thomas dalekcity@eircom.net R.C.O.C Representative of Southern Ireland Area

  Gary King  Gaz@xr42.demon.co.uk R.C.O.C Representative of Tyne & Wear Area

Jimmy  jamesmullholland@hotmail.com  R.C.O.C Representative of Epsom Area

Kevin Hill  keyzkev@hotmail.com  R.C.O.C Representative of North Wales Area

Paul Brown  jupuls@yahoo.com  R.C.O.C Representative of Sutton Area

Grant Mckelvie Grantmckelvie@aol.com  R.C.O.C Representative of West Coast Scotland Area

Tim Franks  tim.franks1@ntlworld.com  R.C.O.C Representative of North Hampton Area

Rich Key  Rich@mystickey.freeserve.co.uk  R.C.O.C Representative of Berkshire Area

Robert Deeble  duckerdiver99@yahoo.com  R.C.O.C Representative of South Wales Area

Mark Cooper  coops@sb-computers.co.uk  R.C.O.C Representative of East Mids & Notts Area

Peter Baldock  pb012h4690@blueyonder.co.uk  R.C.O.C Representative of West Midland Area

Luke Molloy  Molloymoxi@aol.com  R.C.O.C Representative of Coventry and Warickshire Area

RCOC Club Representatives.

If you would like to be a Raleigh Chopper Owners Club representative, and you live in an area which has NOT been taken, then please email me at the club on



             The web's favourite 1970's icon's   



Picture below taken at Billing 2003.............Picture below taken at Billing 2003.............Picture below taken at Billing 2003.............Picture below taken at Billing 2003.............Picture below taken at Billing 2003.............





  More Pictures Now in the Latest News Section



Billing The Biggest Chopper Show In The World the first weekend of June information now in the latest news section




Remember Billing 

2002 with over 200 bikes! 

2003 with over 300 bikes! 

2004 with over 350 bikes! 

2005 with over 400 bikes!

2006 with over 450 bikes!

2007 with over 500 bikes!

2008 with over 575 bikes!

2009 with over 650 bikes!

Yes it's happening again!! BILLING 2010.


Billing is the first weekend in June 2010

For all Show and Meeting details 


For Billing 2007 Pictures Click Here


For Billing 2006 Pictures Click Here


For Billing 2005 Pictures Click Here


For Billing 2004 Pictures Click Here


More pictures and FULL details are on the Raleigh Chopper Owners Club site.

Click on the logo . 

New Years Day Cruise 2003

The New Years Day cruise was all around London.  

More pictures on the Raleigh Chopper Owners Club site.

Click on the logo . 


Southend Carnival  2002

More pictures on the Raleigh Chopper Owners Club site.




Southend Carnival  2003

The Only Way to Travel




   Southend Carnival  2003  

Pictures on the Raleigh Chopper Owners Club site.


Click here for more 2003 Pictures



   Southend Carnival  2004  

Pictures on the Raleigh Chopper Owners Club site.



Southend 2004 click here for more Pictures



         For all the Raleigh Chopper Show and Meeting Information

(Including dates for Southend Carnival 2006) 





Click on the logo . 

  Raleigh Chopper Owners Club , visit the main factory in Nottingham on 4th July 2002 before its closure.

Join the Raleigh Chopper Owners Club. It's FREE.

All you have to do is;

Email me your name and email address and I will add you to the list.

Yes it's all FREE!





      Built for the Billing 2003 Show   


      This bike will be at Billing 2006  








Click on the for the main site




..................www.thechopperchap.co.uk...................... www.thechopperchap.co.uk..................

Full sticker sets

Mk2 Orange/Yellow, Special Edition, Prismatic, Mk1 Black/White

Fantastic High Quality Vinyl, Easily Applied

Contact;  www.TheChopperChap.co.uk



Raleigh Chopper T Shirts

All are size small, which is around 34"-36" chest, (so will fit a lady as well),  . inc P&P (UK Only) Orders received before the 20th will be sent for Christmas. Please send a cheque to;

Mr M Hutchinson

80a Beckett Close

Ethertley Dene

Bishop Auckland

Co Durham


Or EMAIL NOW ! mhutch@boltblue.net


Exclusive Club T-Shirts

NEW RCOC Chopper MK3 T Shirts

Click on the shirts for full details


MK2 Shirts Click below


MK3 Shirts Click here below

XL, L & M Available

 Raleigh Chopper Owners Cletaile  d pictures coming soon...

  ⺵0 inc P&P (UK Only)   

To order a 'T' shirt, please me.

For sticker sets - which comprise 2 x CHOPPER, 1 x RALEIGH, 1 x chain guard sticker and 1 x ARROW WEDGE, I can recommend Peter Cross in Liverpool whose stickers are very high quality, screen printed onto clear vinyl. They are also the cheapest I have come across, at ࠡ set, postage included within the UK . they are available in yellow for the Infra Red Chopper or fluorescent orange for all other paint schemes. He also supplies stickers for the Mk 1 Chopper in either black or white at the same price. Check beforehand with him for availability.
His e-mail address is peter.c1@merseymail.com
For more specialized sticker sets, such as for the 5-speed, SE and the diffraction stickers as fitted to the later Black Chopper, M.Hutchinson is able to supply these. He also can supply stickers for the gear console, seat back stickers, mudguard stickers and Perspex windows for the 3-speed console marked
1-2-3 . Check with him for availability on 01388 450819, or write to him at 2, Stirling Close, Etherley Dene, Bishop Auckland , Co Durham DL14 0RL, England.

1-2-3 Windows 

The Very best Reproduction  1-2-3 windows for 

Mk1 and Mk2 gear selector covers, 
























For a replacement seat cover for the Mk 1&2, I can recommend Niven Ladd who supplies covers almost identical to the originals in high quality black padded vinyl. He can also supply other colours if required. New seat under boards are also available, along with repro Mk1 seat straps. Again check with him for prices and availability - contact details are Niven Ladd, 01732 846906 (England)
If you know of someone who supplies good quality parts at a reasonable price. e-mail me and I'll try and include their details on this page.

The End Of Bruce, The Club Mascot! Billing 2002.

                      Raleigh Chopper Owners Club Websites;                




                                                                The Raleigh Chopper Owners Club

                                                                The Raleigh Chopper Marketplace

                                                                Chopper Trader

                                                                Owners Club Message Board

                                                                The Space Hopper

                                                                Lowrider Bicycles

                                                                Owners Club Chat Room


Media Coverage



ITV 'Made for the Masses' filmed in Southend on 17th July 2004 Screened January 2005





   Radio Wales      


The Goodies      Bagpuss


Raleigh Chopper Owners Club on BBC Radio Wales




Radio Stoke


Raleigh Chopper Owners Club on BBC Radio Stoke

Raleigh Chopper Owners Club on the BBC Nottingham's website  

BBC WM 95.6 FM Tony & Julie Breakfast Show
Catch a picture of Julie on her Raleigh Chopper back in the 70's

Raleigh Chopper Owners Club in the Radio Times

Raleigh Chopper Owners Club in the Daily Mail

Raleigh Chopper Owners Club with EDL 

Complete Directory to Raleigh Chopper Related Websites

Raleigh Chopper Owners Club

The Raleigh Chopper Marketplace

Owners Club Message Board

Chopper Trader


Chopper City USA

The Chopper Chap

Choppers Extreme

Paul's Chopper  board

Raleigh Chopper.info

John's Raleigh Chopper site

Warren's Chopper Family

Yoda's Star Wars Site

The Raleigh Chopper Primer Site

Crazy D's Ponderosa-Bike Store

Chopper Stop

Mac Chopper

Get Your Chopper Out

chopper mk3 site

Muscle bike Heaven Club

The Chopper Surgery

World of Transport

Ann Arbor Bicycle Show

Muscle bikes & Muscle cars

Chopper & Buick Riviera Page

Mikes Treasure Page

Chopper City, UK

ld Roads.com

Chopperation Go

One Stop Chopper Shop

Raleigh Chopperbits page

George's Crazy Chopper Page

Canberra Bicycle Museum

custom cycles board

Chopper Register

Back 2 the 70's  

Lets Go Out  

Chris Richards  

Dream Targets  

Chris's dragster bikes.com  

BBC Nottingham  Page one

BBC Nottingham  Page Two

Muscle Bicycle Museum  


Stuff We Love  



Muscle Bike Museum UK


Other Websites We Like

Ivan Smith's Bond Bug Site

Bond Bug.com  

Lovely Low Rider  

Cruiser Designer  

The Space Hopper  

Space Hoppers Volley Ball Club

The Yoyo Bazaar

70s Icon   

Space Hopper Trader  

The Clams

Lowrider Bicycles  

Pixel masher (Space Hopper)  

Wooden Heart Ltd Old Bike Trader    Muchos.co.uk  
Garelli Tiger Cross Chopperdome uk Mario and Carin

Pants section. 

How sad is this? By popular demand the "Pants section."

Email us a picture of you on your Raleigh Chopper in your pants, and you WILL be on the front page of the RCOC website. This is open to men and women over 18yrs old. 

"Well, it's almost a Raleigh Chopper?"

"Nick Dalton on his SE. How cool is he?" 




And Sky TV 'Rise' Host

'Kate Lawler'




Kate and the Space Blue MK2 Featured in the 10 year Special Edition Loaded Magazine April 2004



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